Many people think you need to be building a new home, or undergoing a massive renovation, to pursue a home control strategy for your home. Not so at all. While there are certainly some bling items that rewiring the home may facilitate, there are tons of steps you can take today with very little if any rewiring or intrusion.

Take lighting control, for instance. By installing a central controller, and simply replacing your light switches, you can have complete control of your lighting from a single remote control, on your television, or from you iPad at work. Think about a nice 'all off' button by the garage that turns off every light in the house on your way out, and then have the ambient lights come on at dusk - without replacing any lights or installing any motion or light sensors anywhere.

Another item that may surprise you, is automated blinds. Do you like tons of bright sun when you are just working around the house, but hate going around and opening every blind, or fighting with them in the evening when you need some privacy or security? Automated blind can be installed simply and without wires, and controlled by those same light switches, remotes and your iPad.

Want a nice music system everywhere in the house, but controlled centrally? There are tons of options, depending on budget, to do this without a new cable or complicated rewiring, and they sound great. Sonos is definitely my favorite.

Wireless, easy to install security systems and camera systems also do not take a renovation.

And the best part? Each of these items is stand alone, or can be installed one module at a time to previous systems, so you do not have to refinance your house or drop down massive dollars at one time to add a little security, peace of mind, or just make your complicated life a little easier. Give us a call at 404-467-4468 and let us craft a renovation-less automation plan for you. Or drop us note - we can call you.