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Do you want audio all over your home, but do not have speakers or wires already installed?  The Sonos speaker system has you covered.  i-Homes, a certified dealer of Sonos products, can design and install the perfect system for your home, and even tie it in to a larger Control4 system for great music anywhere inside or out.  You can also use Sonos to create a real surround sound zone using the PLAYBAR and the PLAY:1.

The sound range from such a simple device, and the large array of installation options, make Sonos a great fit for a home that has no wires or control system.  And it can easily integrate later if you expand the Sonos system to multi room, or expand the home with control such as Control4.

Like Pandora? Perfect, you can log into your account and play it instantly from your free iPad or iPhone app.  Android too!

Sonos is about bring synchronized music to every room of your home. Sonos has a long list of different sources of music that stream anything you could possibly dream of to all your zones simultaneously and flawlessly. This allows you to hook up your whole house to the same system so that music can play constantly throughout your home… or each room (or family member) can play music independently from each other.

Contact us for a demo or to purchase - we offer in home setup and design at a very quick and reasonable price.

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