At iHomes, we don't just sell stuff. In fact, we only sell stuff because that lets us control the quality and interoperability of our major systems.

So if you already have a pile of audio/video equipment, or a network that needs some love, we are ready and willing to dispatch a trained and insured technician or engineer to come out and give you a hand.

There is no project too big or small, and we have indeed seen it all. So if you need someone to come fix the WiFi coverage on you home, or figure out why your new smart thermostat is acting stupid, Contact Us and we will call you right away to schedule a visit.


Professional Services

We also offer design and installation services for business or home AV systems, computer networks, wireless networks, home theater design, and can evaluate your surveillance and security needs for your home and small office.

So give us a call at (404) 467-4468 or send us your contact info and we will call you back!

Sample of our professional services:

  • Smart Thermostat Installation (Like the popular Nest thermostat)
  • WiFi repair or extension
  • Wireless music installation and setup
  • Home or Office Computer Network installation and repairs
  • Speaker and Television installations
  • Cable TV Cord Cutter Services
  • Home Setup of Network Attached Storage (file servers, laptop and iPad backups, etc)
  • Home Media Server installation and repair