You have probably seen the Nest Thermostat and how it differentiates itself from the rest -  thanks to its appealing design, and intuitiveness. The Nest learns your habits over time and can adjust the home temperature based on these habits – lowering your electric bill in the process.  Cool enough already, right? 

But, there is more!  Nest also announced a partnership with the Control4 home automation system. This means that all existing and new Control4 users will be able to adjust their Nest thermostats right from their Control4 remotes and mobile apps.

Control4 is a widely popular home automation system, with an large and rapidle growing ecosystem. It is now immediately available for a large group of users without any additional training or implementation since the Control4 platform is already in place. Additionally, users can benefit from the features thatNest offers without needing to convert to anentirely new system – they just have to add an additional piece to the puzzle.

Nest s also redesigning smoke detectors, an essential safety monitor that hasn’t seen much innovation over the last 10 years. Matt Rogers, Nest co-founder and VP of Engineering, confirmed that the company’s goal is to innovate on products that have long gone unattended. Systems like thermostats and smoke detectors fit that bill.

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Nest Thermostat