Imagine never leaving on those hallway lights again. Imagine all the money you will save.  Automated on/off. Automated dimming. Even lights that activate when you walk in a room and turn themselves off when you leave.

Like the room darker when the home theater is on? Brighter when you’re working at your desk? How about just automated mood lighting after dinner? We call these lighting scenese, and with our full spectrum of lighting automation controls anything is possible.

Don’t like entering a dark house at night? Program your lights to turn on via your iPhone app before you get out of the car, or when the garage door opener is triggered. 

Do you have outdoor floodlights that are supposed to come on for motion, that you cannot ever seem to get to work right? Maybe you are supposed to turn them on and off three times while holding your breath if you want them to stay on?  We can fix that too.

Impressive? We think so. Call us now to get started, or click here to request an online quote.