In business the eye is always on the bottom line. Watching every expense. Making tweaks and adjustments everywhere you can to squeeze every last penny of profit possible. It’s a fine line you walk- between profitability and performance. Squeeze too hard and your customers go next door.boardroom

And let’s not forget about rising above the herd. Everyone has a sound system. Everyone has a TV. But do they have automated custom surround sound? HD LED wide screen TV’s? Projection? Full room controls? Integrated touch pad wireless apps?  No. I didn’t think so.

So what do you do? Energy costs are always rising. Amenities like Televisions and sound systems are must haves. So where do you turn?

iHomes Atlanta brings energy and cost saving technologies and experience to any commercial space. Restaurants, hotels, conference areas. Even churches. And not just the usual thermostats and screens. We’re talking super custom deluxe.

We evaluate every need and situation and design an efficient solution to fit your space using the latest in low voltage automation technology that will get you the energy savings your bottom line demands and the amenities your customers crave.

And you’ll look great in your new system.

 Contact us for an onsite evaluation and custom design!