Whole Home Music

All your rooms are wired back to a central media controller located in a communications console allowing you to turn on and off the system and control volume, selects sources, i.e. CD, radio tuner, DVD etc and select tracks via a keypad, iPad, smart phone, remote control, or embedded wall devices conveniently located throughout your home.

Send music to the patio from the kitchen, or turn off the system upstairs where no one is using it (or is supposed to be asleep).


Your home can be wired for cameras at the front or back door or other rooms such as the children’s nursery and viewed on any TV set in the home or from your smart phone from anywhere, so you can monitor who calls to your home or watch the safety of your child from your living room or bedroom. Also, Control who enters your home by way of a modern entry system using the existing telephones in your home or add a video phone so you can see and talk to callers or even have them displayed on any TV set in your home.

Whole Home Video

Imagine all of your video sources in once location in your home, and viewable from any TV in any room, at any time. No need to buy a whole pile of equipment and special furniture for each room. In fact, each room will only have a TV or Projector, and some in-wall or small speakers. We can instantly move the DVD you are watching from one room to another, or the big game.


With a data jack in every room, or a properly engineered wireless network, you have the ideal transport for surfing the Internet, home office, study or children’s computer games. And today's devices crave connectivity, with more than one PC in many homes, DVRs and Gaming consoles streaming video, you can now easily be networked through an i-Homes™ network switch and firewall allowing all the family to share files, music, and printers and full control of other network devices.

With a wireless enabled tablet, laptop or PC it’s never been easier to access the Internet from any room with i-Homes™ advanced encryption enabled access points strategically located throughout your home which interfaces with your Service providers modem or router or optional firewall.
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