Control4 is a leading provider of automation systems for homes and businesses by offering personalized control of lighting, music, video, energy, and security.

Online Job Estimator

Follow the link, tell us some quick information about yourself and your home, and we will provide you a timely quote for your home automation project.

Professional Services

Professional ServicesAt iHomes, we don't just sell stuff. In fact, we only sell stuff because that lets us control the quality and interoperability of our major systems.

So if you already have a pile of audio/video equipment, or a network that needs some love, we are ready and willing to dispatch a trained and insured technician or engineer to come out and give you a hand.

ADAC Showroom Moved

Hi Internet People!

We just wanted a post on the website here that lets you all know that the showroom we were maintaining in the ADAC design center has been closed. Frankly, no one ever came to see us there, so we moved all the gear back to our corporate offices in Marietta. We will likely seek out a new Buckhead office in 2015 somewhere easier to get to, or maybe Dunwoody. Stay tuned for that!

Multiroom Mania

The Complete Sonos System Video More and more these days, folks want their content (music, video, etc) when and where they are.

What that translates to for many is cheap head phones, and streaming content from the cloud through their smart phone. Ever try and talk to someone listening to that music (say your teenager, for instance)? It does not work.


Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast

Did Santa bring you a Chromecast from Google over the holidays?

If not, you should be looking at this handy gadget. It is a simple looking device, that plugs right into your home video distribution system, or the back of the TV, and allows you to stream all sorts of wonderful content straight to the television or projector from the Internet.


iHomes in November 2013 Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine

iHomes Atlanta, executive director, Steve Berry, wrote an article for the November issue of Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine. In "Down to the Wire", Steve breaks down the five areas of home automation (lighting, security, audio, visual and comfort) and how they can or can't be configured wirelessly. Read on to learn more and contact iHomes for help configuring your house wirelessly.

Better Living through Voice Pod Technology

Simplify your morning, evening, your entire day with Voice Pod technology, available through iHomes. You can now add another dimension to your daily life by talking to Voice Pod as you would a personal assistant. Adjust the temperature, start a pot of coffee, turn on the TV, disable your security alarm... all with a simple "good morning". Contact us for a consultation! (404) 467-4468


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